Community Living Elgin, Community-Based Professional Resource Support

Consultant: Spring 2017 – Present; St. Thomas, ON, Canada

SNJ Associates provided key professional resource support to Community Living Elgin, Children’s Division for the development and submission of the EarlyON system lead agency RFP deliverable to the Corporation of the City of St. Thomas. Additionally, SNJ Associates has provided professional services to CLE EarlyON to complete the CLE EarlyON Program & Services Report, integrated a database system for the tracking and management of program informaiton along with designing and devleoping the new St. Thomas Elgin EarlyON website. 




Western University iCAN Plan4 Safety  Randomized Control Trial

Research Consultant: Provincial Site Coordinator Aug 2014 – Oct 2015; Retention Specialist May 2015 – Dec. 2016 London, Canada

A team of researchers from Western University and the Universities of British Columbia and New Brunswick have developed the first online safety planning tool for Canadian women who are experiencing abuse from a current or ex-partner. iCAN Plan 4 Safety is a personalized, safety decision aid, which women access securely and confidentially from a computer or tablet. The iCANPlan4Safety is a registered clinical trial (NCT02258841) funded through the Canadian Institutes of Health Research.

The study launched in the Fall of 2014. SNJ Associates was responsible for participant recruitment and enrollment in Ontario. SNJ implemented various facets of the online recruitment strategies along with developing the social marketing campaign for Ontario. Additional responsibilities included reviewing and developing study protocols, managing and organizing study specific source documentation, completing informed consent processes, collecting enrollment data, working with other provincial study coordinators in BC and NB along with providing study support in the daily operations of the icanplan4safety study. As the study continued through to the fall of 2016 and focused on retention, SNJ organized and executed various retention activities and strategies across the Ontario portion of the study sample.




Western University Centre for Activity and Aging

Research Consultant and Data Analysis Services [Jan 2015 – April 2015] London, Canada

The Canadian Centre for Activity and Aging (CCAA) secured research services of SNJ Associates in the area of data analysis and interpretation. Under the leadership of Shannon Belfry, the CCAA was partnered with SNJ Associates to complete various types of data analysis across different projects related to older adults and physical fitness. One project examined the effectiveness of a telephone assisted intervention on physical fitness measures while another project was focused on the level of activity among older adults and their perceived level of exertion. 




McMaster University / The Nurse Family Partnership Intimate Partner Violence Randomized Control Trial (NFP-RCT)

Research Consultant and Logistic Support Services [April 2013 – May 2015]  Hamilton, Canada

SNJ Associates provided research consulting services for The Nurse Family Partnership Curriculum Study (NFP).  The NFP study was a randomized controlled trial across 15 US sites investigating the effectiveness of a nurse home visitation program designed to improve the quality of life and reduce violence for women. The RCT was led by Dr. Harriet MacMillian from McMaster University in Hamilton Ontario.

SNJ Associates provided various research services including a) Field tool development, implementation and monitoring of the RCT’s participant’s tracking data, b) specific retention services to ensure the completion of the maximum number of interviews across all waves of data collection and to systematically ensure the utilization of all retention strategies across research assistants in the field, c) identified, located and converted at-risk to loss-to-follow trial participants across action items and d) completed quarterly field audits across all 15 US sites of participant tracking data files to detect and correct data entry errors for the 493 study clients and analyze fieldwork process and progress statistics. Read Dr. MacMillian’s comments under testimonials on our home page.




Elgin Children’s Network/ Family Involvement Project

Research Consultant: Design, Implementation and Analysis  [ ] St. Thomas, Canada

The Elgin Children’s Network required the design and implementation of community-based program that used a mixed methodological design including focus groups and a community-based Internet survey. The project entailed extensive project and data organization and management along with supervision of the research team both in-person and the remote environment.

1) Designed and developed the program framework including focus group interview guides, acted as focus group facilitator, designed and implemented quantitative self-report survey in community both paper on online Internet versions • 2) Coordinated data collection • 3) Completed both qualitative and quantitative data analysis • 4) Generated final report along with key knowledge transfer and dissemination tools for client.



Rasch Foundation

Research Consultant/Environmental Scan  [ ] Toronto, Canada

Project Management and execution of three different environmental scans surrounding various disease states• Provided an overview of the academic and gray literature surrounding areas of interest • Completed Key Informant/Identified Champion interviews regarding topic of interest •Completed a biography of organizations involved in area of consideration • Compiled a list of information regarding government level involvement in the disease state globally• Recommended future directions in terms of research designs, study populations, granting agencies and other key components of research for the topic of interest• Completed final report of the environmental scan for The Rasch Foundation to use in future decision making surrounding the allocation of funds in the area of interest specific to on-going financial support and endowment funds

Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma (May 2010-Sept 2010)
Fibromyalgia and Chronic Pain (Aug 2009-Nov 2009)
Childhood Eczema (October 2008 – Dec 2008)



London Community Foundation/ Vital Sign Project

Research Consultant: Statistical Advisor/ [

Statistical and Methodology Advisor •Completed data and methodological component of the LCF Vital Signs report •methodological advisor regarding data analysis and research component of the inaugural Vital Signs report for the LCF• Vital Signs Advisory Committee member• Project partner to LCF CEO, Board of Directors, Community Foundations of Canada and Statistics Canada regarding research component of project• Communication management, data advisor and research coordinator among London’s Vital Signs Expert Resource Group and Principal Data Contributors from the community along with participating in the Indicator Action Tables (roundtable discussions and information gathering).




Aboriginal Diabetes Initiative 

 Ottawa, Canada 

In conjunction with Dr. Onil Bhattacharyya of the Shing Knowledge Institute of St. Michael’s hospital, SNJ Associates (formerly dmgroup) prepared for the Aboriginal Diabetes Initiative planning group, a comprehensive report on the quality of diabetes care and effective models of care delivery for Aboriginal populations across a variety of countries. This provided a basis for comparison of activities in Canada and direction for future efforts based on current best practice.

The Project Scope Included Examining the Following Areas:

  1. What was known about the technical quality of diabetes care given to aboriginals living in the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand?
  2. How did it compare among aboriginals between countries?
  3. What models of care have been used or tested in each of these countries?
  4. What was the effectiveness or impact of these models of care?
  5. What interventions have been used to improve the quality of care in aboriginal communities in these four countries?


Grey Bruce Health Unit
Research Consultant: Program Evaluation [Owen Sound, Canada

Program Evaluation• Completed program evaluation of a primary prevention initiative administers by the GBHU surrounding physical activity and an extensive project regarding Falls and Older adults• Analyzed and summarized the evaluation findings collected during the project to assist other partners and communities in Ontario along with primary data collected in the field across several tools• Enhanced knowledge transfer within Grey Bruce and other parts of Ontario• Provided an evaluation report that informed future program planning, implementation and evaluation strategies specifically for the Chronic Disease Team at the GBHU.




University of Western Ontario / Centre for Studies in Family Medicine

Program Coordinator and Data Specialist [2002-2006] London, Canada

• Experienced liaising and coordination of academic faculty, Graduate Fellows, family medicine residents and community allied partners in preparing grants, executing research studies and preparing manuscripts and reports in a transdisciplinary environment

•Statistical advisor to primary care physicians, residents and other allied health affiliated with the Centre for Studies in Family Medicine (CSFM) completing clinical research projects
•Member of Dr. Stewart Harris‘ diabetes research team at the CSFM primarily focused on diabetes research and First Nation communities•Design, executed and completed various aspects of research studies including grantsmanship, literature reviews, ethics applications, recruitment and enrollment, data collection, analyses, academic publications and project reports •Training/teaching primary care physicians, graduate fellows, family medicine residents and allied health professionals conducting health and social research ~Special Projects: ‘Research Coordinator for the 5 Weekend Program: Answering a Question in Primary Health Care”: Facilitated workshops covering various components of curriculum including: study design, both quantitative and qualitative research methods, developing a research question, performing systematic literature reviews, statistical analyses, grantsmanship, budgets and building a research team.



University of Western Ontario / Arthur Labatt School of Nursing, UWO

Research Consultant/ Statistical Consultant [London, Canada 

Women’s Health Effects Study: statistical advisor/data analyst to principle investigator Dr. Marilyn Ford-Gilboe, completed data analyses for the multi-centered national research team investigating the long-term health effects of women who have experienced abuse from their primary partner.



Laurentian University, Northern Ontario School of Medicine

Research Associate [ Sudbury, Canada
  • Member of ICEPHC Research Team Completed systematic literature review, documented models of care in health care for mental illness and provided an environmental scan of the primary care delivery model for severely mentally ill patients in Sudbury Ontario




Centre for Addiction and Mental Health 

Research Associate I and II [ –  London, Canada

A) Families Working Together Program: Research project evaluated the long-term effects and protective factors of an educational intervention program for families with children (aged 9-12 years) and their parents challenged with alcohol and/or drug use• Program Facilitator for both child and family sessions• Responsible for delivery of program material in weekly sessions• Ensured adherence to research protocol
B) Examining Measures of Disadvantage and Adverse Psychosocial Outcomes, Among Youth ages 8 to 11 using the National Longitudinal Survey of Children and Youth from Statistics Canada(NLSCY) and the National Longitudinal Survey of Youth (NLSY, USA). Performed data analysis according to research study plan• Prepared study progress reports including data analyses material for members of research team such as principal investigators, co-investigators, research assistants, and other team members• Extensive data analyses and interpretation• Experienced with Statistics Canada large secondary data sets: NLSCY/NLSY• Assisted principal investigator in preparation, writing and editing academic papers for submission in peer-reviewed journals• Deemed Statistics Canada employee