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SNJ Associates brings assurance to you and your organization that you have the right information when you need it. Whether you are searching for information, collecting data, or producing reports, we are here to guide the way.

At SNJ, clients choose to have their complete research project under the direction of SNJ Associates or select targeted research services to get the information they need. 



All SNJ Associates team members and project experts hold either graduate degrees or professional occupations across disciplines, such as epidemiology, public health, policing, sociology, and public administration. The result is a highly diverse and qualified team with decades of experience in research services, professional and academic writing, adult education who area ll experts in organization, data analysis, and knowledge transfer, 


SNJ Associates’ current and past clients are located within academic, government, and private sectors and also include not-for-profit organizations.

Specialty areas of SNJ include grantsmanship, voice of customer initiatives, and community survey research. 

For all our visitors to the website, we offer our Research Helper, which is continuously updated with global statistical resources, help with literature searching and bibliography resources, and much more.