Classification of Research: Levels of Evidence in the Scientific Literature of Health Sciences

Classification of Research ~Levels of Evidence The classification of research and the terms ‘Levels of Evidence’ along with more recent ‘Evidence Based Guidelines’ were discussed as far back as the mid-1960’s and continued into the 1980’s. The conversation was an attempt to standardize and formalize the classification of research information used across disciplines. The process changed [...]

Influence and Bias in Research

Influence and Bias in Research This post will discuss how our ideas and thoughts are influenced by the world around us and specifically, how various aspects of our environments influence information thus, our overall knowledge. We will offer a few examples of how our environments specifically influence our shared research knowledge. We’ll end this post [...]

Parts of the Scientific Method

Parts of The Scientific Method This post will detail the specific parts of the scientific method. Our previous post titled: What is Research?  clearly specified that research was a systematic process. We also emphasized that scientific research (the way we do research) required precise procedures as a critical component of scientific research. We previously discussed what [...]

SNJ Research News & Information Jan. 11, 2016: Dietary cholesterol, outcome switching in clinical trial research [Paxil] & a clinical trial registry

SNJ ASSOCIATES RESEARCH NEWS AND INFORMATION WEEKLY DIGEST JANUARY 11, 2016 This week's digest takes a look at outcome switching in clinical trial research regarding the drug Paxil, a clinical trial registry called along with cholesterol dietary advice in the United States Research Studies and Outcome Switching...What the Heck Vox Science and Health directed our [...]

What is SNJ Associates & Why Are We Here?

What is SNJ Associates & Why Are We Here?   As a research company, SNJ Associates has two main types of activity. One is to ensure our clients receive the best professional research and analysis services whether that is comprehensive research project management or individualized a-la-carte research services tailored for each client’s needs.  Two, SNJ […]