Parts of the Scientific Method

Parts of The Scientific Method This post will detail the specific parts of the scientific method. Our previous post titled: What is Research?  clearly specified that research was a systematic process. We also emphasized that scientific research (the way we do research) required precise procedures as a critical component of scientific research. We previously discussed what [...]

Characteristics of Research

Characteristics of Research Our topic is characteristics of research. Previously, our question ‘What is Research’? stated that ‘research is a systematic process’, but what does a systematic process look like in a scientific research study? The type of research method or the way in which we go about doing research using very precise methods is [...]

What is Research? Using a Systematic Approach

While Your Here Visit Our 'Get Grant Ready Portal' We are launching our new Get Grant Ready Portal. SNJ guides you to transform from being stressed and overwhelmed to feeling confident in your grantsmanship system. Start increasing your grant funding opportunities today. What is Research? What is research? In research, our ideas, thoughts, and the [...]