Classification of Research: Levels of Evidence in the Scientific Literature of Health Sciences

Classification of Research ~Levels of Evidence The classification of research and the terms ‘Levels of Evidence’ along with more recent ‘Evidence Based Guidelines’ were discussed as far back as the mid-1960’s and continued into the 1980’s. The conversation was an attempt to standardize and formalize the classification of research information used across disciplines. The process changed [...]

Literature Reviews: Part 2 ~ Step By Step

Literature Reviews: A How-To Part 2 Step by Step This week’s post is Part 2 in our topic of literature reviews. Part 2 is a 6 Step process for completing literature reviews and will help you break down the process so you can effectively work away without being too overwhelmed. We decided to divide this topic into [...]

Creating and Editing a Research Question

Creating and Editing a Research Question In this post, we are going to talk about steps involved in creating and editing a research question. Depending on what type of research method or approach you are using for a study or research project, establishing a research question (or a research objective) is one of the most [...]

Characteristics of Research

Characteristics of Research Our topic is characteristics of research. Previously, our question ‘What is Research’? stated that ‘research is a systematic process’, but what does a systematic process look like in a scientific research study? The type of research method or the way in which we go about doing research using very precise methods is [...]