WEEKLY DIGEST Nov. 9, 2018

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This week’s digest focuses on a quick introduction to wastewater epidemiology

An emerging sub-field of epidemiology is Wastewater Epidemiology. Through examining the contents of wastewater, researchers are able to understand community patterns of chemical exposures, emergent diseases, and behavioral choices such as prescription and illicit drug use.



Specifically, wastewater contains metabolites, which are produced inside the human body when chemicals are processed. These leftover metabolites may be detected by examining samples collected at the influent point of wastewater prior to any wastewater disinfection process. From a public health perspective, wastewater epidemiology provides an opportunity to anonymously examine local and regional patterns of metabolites, pesticide-level exposure and various other biomarkers that provide information about exposure and use levels of various substances.

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In wastewater epidemiology research, it is important to have a transdisciplinary team to ensure the research is valid and reliable. By combining the knowledge of various backgrounds in research methodology, chemistry, and expert technical experience in wastewater design and treatment, the research field of wastewater epidemiology can produce robust community public health data.


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